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Bed Set includes:

HEADBOARD: A selection of designs is available.

MATTRESS: Taylor made Topper Zipper mattress has a unique design.  

Top-mattress is attached to the spring mattress with a zipper system. Easy to remove or change a top cover.

This spring mattress has five zones and multiple layers of 2000 pocket springs. Net on the sides ensures the air circulation and breathability of the mattress.

BOX:  Includes 500 springs and is made of  FSC wood.

FABRICS: Jersey has antibacterial and flame retardant properties. All covers are washable.

LEGS: A selection of designs, materials, and heights are available.

One of the highlights of travel and sleeping away from home, is the satisfaction of sensing the great quality sleep you are about to experience the moment you get under the covers in a luxury bed.

Temperature, sounds, scents, textures, surfaces and one’s physical and emotional comfort are just a few examples of the environmental and internal sensitivities that might interfere with one’s ability to fall asleep.

It is evident that travelers prioritize
sleep wherever they go. The hospitality sector is paying much attention by giving this fundamental hotel experience more thought and innovation.



True test of a hotel bed is how it feels the next morning.

Our signature product is the CROWN DELUX handcrafted premium mattress, which contains intelligent systems of springs and zones that can detect pressure points on the body and relax them.

The CROWN DELUX bed tends to make an memorable impression with it’s outstanding comfort that allows one to ascend to a rare experience of deep relaxation and reward that comes with sleeping in such a bed as THE CROWN by DELUX.


Luxury hotels seem to inspire a good night sleep.
Crown Platinum - Plush and elegant, designed to deliver a restful repose.

Crown Pearl
Crown Platinum
Crown Diamond


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