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To the best hotel furniture experience 


Delux Hotel Collection is part of Delux Holding, a corporation which has been producing beds and mattresses already since 1997. Delux Holding owns many brands which represent different tastes, style and preferences in bedroom furniture. Delux Holding also owns a hardwood furniture factory which perfects our portoflio. 


All our products are made in our own production units. This enables us to have full control over the process. We consider the quality of our products the first priority. Our beds are tailor made and each bed has gone through a thorough quality check. We put our care and love into each product. 

As a proof our quality and belief in our products, our bed frames and springs have a 25-year warranty. 

We are also very flexible when thinking of our customers. We are able to customize the products in size and design to your fit and liking. 

We have a 30 000m2 production unit where our team of over 300 people are working to give you the best furniture experience

We've been reliable partners for several hotels already for 20 years. 



Kristīne Muižniece

Sales Manager for Baltics

+371 2647 5227

Delux Hotel Collection


Rickard Christensen

Sales Manager for Scandinavia

+46 70 838 11 55

Delux Hotel Collection

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